The fastest growing social media application for photo sharing is Instagram.  Instagram is the chosen social media app for posting vacation pictures.  A lot of this is attributed to the fact that the app has several cool and artsy image filters to add your own style to your photos.  Another advantage Instagram has over other photo apps is the use of hash tags marked with a location map, called geo tagging.  This makes Instagram a great tool for you to use when searching for your next travel destination. Want to search Instagram for your own summer vacation destination?  See how you could win an LG Smartphone at and let the search begin!

While websites are a great place to begin searching for a vacation destination this summer, searching Instagram pictures for the best destination can help you find places you may never have thought of, including unknown hangouts only familiar with the locals.  The app will also help you to find the perfect place to stay because Instagrammers are always posting pics of their accommodations including the inside of the rooms, pools, and grounds.

Foodies can find trending restaurants, favorite local dishes, and read personalized reviews on little local places that may have the best traditional, indigenous cuisine around. Using the correct hash tags will help you find the best places to shop for local crafts and art so you can take home genuine souvenirs from you trip instead of the same run of the mill gift shop trinkets.

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If you’re looking for adventure when on vacation, Instagram is the go-to app for that too!  You’ll find pics of kayaking, kite boarding, bungee jumping, parasailing, or just about any extreme or not so extreme sport or adventure you are interested in doing.

Of course you can get ideas for taking your own awesome vacation photos by looking at what others are posting on Instagram.  Just remember if you’re planning on Instagramming your vacation this summer only post your best quality and memorable pics.  Use relevant hash tags, and don’t forget to use geo tags to help out fellow Instagrammers when they are searching for their next vacation destination.  Most definitely don’t forget to stop by to see details about how you could win an LG Smartphone so you too can become a professional Instagrammer!



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