Norman Reedus is a name that many of you out there will know. He’s one of the leading actors in AMC’s runaway hit series The Walking Dead. Until he was cast in the role of Daryl Dixon — specially created for him after he auditioned for the role of Merle — Reedus was one of the many thousands of underrated actors. Best known pre-Walking Dead for his performance in Boondock Saints, Reedus tends to play the bad boys. However, off the screen, Norman Reedus is an avid amateur photographer. He first became interested in photography while traveling around shooting for some of his earlier works with John Carpenter.


He even has a photography book out: The Sun’s Coming Up Like A Big Bald Head. In it, he features some of his best work. Reedus has a way of finding beauty in some of the most unusual things — such as roadkill. With his contractual obligations, Reedus is unable to show some of the candid behind-the-scenes photos he shoots while working on The Walking Dead. However, he does like to show off images from around the area he’s working in. Much of his work is in black-and-white photography though he does dabble in color and contrast.


Norman Reedus is not classically trained in photography but he does have a definite eye for finding hidden beauty in many settings. His travels around the world have given him a rare opportunity to see strange sights and to capture them with his camera to show them to his fans and to the rest of the world. Should you get the chance to visit any exhibit showcasing his work or to get his book, do so. He’s not just a talented actor; he’s also a fine photographer.

— da Bird


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