Mobile photography has exploded in usage over the past couple of years, moving from being something on the very fringes of photography to becoming a respected field in its own right. There are mobile photography awards held every year now and the winners are often very talented photographers who can take non-high-end gear and make it work almost as well as a multi-thousand dollar camera. The camera built in to smartphones these days has gone from being a secondary feature to becoming something fairly important in its own right. Smartphone manufacturers are now working to learn from camera manufacturers how to squeeze the most performance out of their chipsets, sensors, and lenses. Some are even making snap-on lenses to help mobile photographers get the biggest bang for their buck.

For a great many people, their smartphone has replaced their point-and-shoot as their go-to camera. Are you one of those people? If so, what kind of photography do you focus on with your mobile phone? Do you take it with you when you hit the hiking trail, using it to capture landscape and wildlife photos? Or are you more action-oriented, taking your phone with you to record your feats of derring-do when you race down that dirt track on your bike, jump out of that airplane, ski down that mountain, or swim deep under the surface of the water? Do you take photos of day-to-day life in the city or the country where ever you live? Are you more of a food photographer or a portrait specialist?

Whatever you do with your mobile photography, we’d love to see your work. Feel free to share it with us over on Facebook! And let us know what you think of mobile photography in the comments below!

— da Bird


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