The last few weeks have seen Lumia’s leak left right and centre. Earlier this week we saw the new mid range Lumia 850 show up in 2 leaked images and today it’s the turn of the new Lumia 650 to make an appearance.

Lumia 650

As you can see this Lumia 650 has a white fascia and it looks pretty similar to the 850 which we posted a few days ago. There is a speaker split at the top of the device identical to the existing Lumia 640. Although the larger speaker on the bottom is a new addition. This indicates a stereo speaker lineup.

Other rumoured specs include a 5-inch 720p display. There is no news on the availability of a 650 XL yet but a larger model isn’t unlikely considering how Microsoft recently opted for the two-sizes-per-model concept.

Snapdragon 820 Exclusive to Samsung Until April?

Finally some news out of China suggests Samsung will have exclusive use of the Snapdragon 820 until April. Meaning no other smartphone manufacturer can use the SoC until March. It’s obviously not confirmed but if true it gives Samsung an edge in the first few months of the year where we expect to see the S7 hit the shelves.


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